We are looking for Hindi News and Story Article Writers.
Below are some terms and conditions that writers have to be followed:
Story Structure:


  • Title is the USP of your story or article.
  • Title should be short (10¬ to 15 words), meaningful and interesting.
  • Writers need to send their article to [email protected] and we may publish your story on our News Website, after selection.


  • Always use high quality images.
  • Don’t use nude or semi ¬nude images and images that provoke violence.
  • Size of images should not be less that 900 x 500
  • Images must be uniformly bigger.
  • Avoid using images that include any logo.


  • It should be either in first person or second person, short (Minimum 300 words), contextual and straight to the point.
  • Try to be as interesting and catchy as much as possible.
  • Description should be in form of a story/interaction/conversation.
  • Avoid theoretical description. You are not allowed to make any grammatical and spelling errors.

Terms and Conditions & Guidelines

  • Your article should be catchy, meaningful, short and interesting.
  • Description should be in between 300¬ to 500 words.
  • Avoid any type of material that can be misconstrued as mean, hateful, spiteful towards any group or religion.
  • Avoid long sentences and long paragraphs.
  • A single Paragraph should not be more than 150 words.
  • There should be at least 5 paragraphs in a Story article.
  • Always use short, interesting H1 title for your Story.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All the articles/content should be original and never published elsewhere.
  • Writer will be fully responsible for any Plagiarism Infringement.
  • If we find that content is copied from anywhere will result in the exclusion of the writer without any clarification.
  • Read your story twice once you write it. Copy paste not allowed.

Remuneration/ Incentive:

  • WebViral.in will pay a decent amount for your selected article and you will get incentive for your Article which gets 1 Lakhs plus page views.

Why Write For Us?